Step 1 - Pre-Qualifications

Thinking about a new home? Start here! Contact Team Quintez to submit a pre-qualification request to determine how much you can afford before house hunting. We will ask about your income, assets, and existing debts. Most real estate agents will require a pre-qualification letter to assist in finding a home within your price range. You want to be ready! Team Quintez can help you get there!!

Step 2 - Find Your New Home

This is where it gets fun! At this time, you will meet with your real estate agent and begin the journey of finding a home that suits your needs. You’ll discuss all the must haves and the nice to haves too! When you find ‘the one’, your agent will work with you to prepare an offer for the home and include your prequalification letter! Team Quintez will be available to make updates to your letter, if needed, and answer any questions you have along the way.

Step 3 - Application

Next, Team Quintez will help you complete a mortgage loan application. This is typically done when you have a ratified contract on the home. A Ratified Contract is a sales contract that has been signed by all parties involved. In other words, your offer has been accepted!! The mortgage application is the next necessary step in the process. You are on your way! Once your application is completed, Team Quintez will request initial financial documentation to complete your file. Think paystubs, tax returns, bank statements, and photo ID to name a few.

Step 4 - Processing & Underwriting

An appraisal will be ordered during this step. This is where we work hard to get everything prepared for underwriting! Team Quintez will keep you in the loop with a Loan Submitted email confirmation. The underwriters will verify the financial documentation submitted in your file, along with the property appraisal, to make sure you meet program guidelines and requirements. Additional documentation may be requested at this time and is completely normal in the loan process. We call these conditions. Team Quintez will stay in close contact to make sure you are up to date on everything! You can be on the lookout for a Loan Approval email with conditions during this step.

Step 5 - Road to Settlement

If the loan has been Cleared to Close you will then go to settlement where you will sign final loan documentation and receive the keys to your new home!!! You did it and we appreciate the opportunity to be part of your journey! When you have friends or family looking to make a move, please send them our way. Team Quintez will be ready to help!!